Meet Our Staff




David Kazarian, BSPharm, CP, RPh

Position: Chief Executive Officer/Owner
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Experience: David has been a licensed pharmacist since 1965, has owned several pharmacies and home IV infusion companies and has always been a visionary in his field. When in Hartford, he had the first pharmacy in the state of Connecticut with a computer that assisted in filling and tracking prescriptions. He founded Infuserve in 1992, with the mission of “providing quality, cost-conscience in-home IV therapy.” David is involved in numerous pharmacy associations, and is the past president of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. He is always seeking innovative solutions to common problems and settles for nothing short of excellence.



Randy Breton, BSPharm, CP, RPh.

Position: President
Hometown: Bangor, Maine
Experience: Randy has been a practicing pharmacist and consultant since 1991. He has worked in various pharmacy settings including retail, hospital, and institutional, however the majority of his skill is in the areas of Infusion Pharmacy, Home Care, and Compounding. Randy has extensive experience in intravenous medicine, analytical chemistry, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, and laboratory science. At Infuserve Randy often confers with patients and physicians providing consultation regarding treatment protocols and medication action/interactions.



Infuserve America’s Pharmacists’ and Pharmacy Technicians’ experience includes the following: IV Admixture, Total Parentral Nutrition Compounding, Low, Medium and High Risk Sterile Compounding, Non-Sterile Compounding, Clean-Room Complex Quality Assurance, and Laboratory Sterility Testing. Our pharmacists and technicians ensure all important documentation directly related to an individual patient’s prescriptions has been thoroughly checked for completeness, accuracy, and safety.



Nancy Kazarian, PharmD, RPh.

Position: Pharmacist per Diem
Hometown: Dade City, Florida
Experience: Nancy has been a pharmacist since 1965 and has had experience in hospital, consulting and retail, at one time owning five pharmacies. Areas of expertise include psycho-pharmacology, TPN and pharmacokinetics. She is also an associate professor at various schools of pharmacy. At Infuserve Nancy coordinates the processes of preparing and filling prescriptions, and provides physician and patient consultation.




Alma Menedez, CPhT

Position: Registered Pharmacy Technician
Hometown: Havana, Cuba
Experience: As a Certified Pharmacy Technician, Alma is primarily responsible for the compounding of Infuserve America’s patient specific medication, predominantly creams, capsules and troches, as well as nasal compounds. Responsible for producing non-sterile compounded medications she tracks and maintains supplies as needed to ensure quantities generated are sufficient for filling patient orders. Lastly, Alma assists in the process of filling sterile IV and antibiotic orders as needed.



 Tara Willis, CPhT

Position: Registered Pharmacy Technician
Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Experience: Tara begins the process of filling a patient’s order by assuring the appropriate amount of medication, diluent and IV supplies correctly coincide with the corresponding prescription before preparing the required medication. Tara assists in processing medication orders and she reviews patient medication labeling, cross referencing information to the prescription and ensuring instructions are precise for ease of patient use.




 Ryan Cornwell

Position: Director of Finance
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Experience: As Director of Finance, Ryan oversees all financial aspects of Infuserve America, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and the process of insurance filing for patient reimbursement in its entirety. Additionally, he coordinates the setup of individual employee health insurance plans, 401k, IRA and Roth IRA plans, as well as producing employee payroll. Per patient request, Ryan generates patient specific financial reimbursements.




James Hennessy

Position: Warehouse Associate
Hometown: Albany, New York
Experience: James is responsible for receiving and cataloguing shipments of medication and supplies to their appropriate warehouse location. In addition, James reviews individual patient orders, selecting the requested supplies and preparing items for their final check prior to their closing in the warehouse. Lastly, he utilizes FedEx software to produce shipping labels, track packages and confirm shipment information and receipt of delivery at the packages’ intended destination.