For Health Care Providers

To make ordering easier, you can print and complete one of the forms below or use your own form, Rx, etc. and fax it to 800 886-9229, or via EMR (SureScript – Infuserve America on your drop down menu), or Call us at 800-886-9222 🙂


Meyers Formulations Order Form 

  • Availability of products and drug shortages has been a worry for quite some time.  We specialize in hard to find specialty items that other pharmacies do not carry.
  • Infuserve America is licensed throughout the United States and is governed by the pharmacy boards in those individual states.  We are leaders with regard to USP <797> and USP <795> and also follow our own best practices that go beyond state and federal requirements.
  • PCAB accredited (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board)
  • New laws and regulations regarding office use provisions makes it more important than ever to have a pharmacy that can help you navigate these issues and answer your questions on compliance.
  • The price of medications for your practice and your patients is a concern, but this is always balanced with the safety and testing of all products that are compounded at Infuserve America.
  • For practitioners that are just getting started, we are very familiar with the treatment protocols and formula research needed to assist your patients and grow your practice.
  • Infuserve America is owned and run by pharmacists. We are always available to you and your staff by phone or email to answer any questions and provide recommendations regarding therapy, sterile and non-sterile compounding, drug interactions, administration, side-effects, and other pharmacy related subjects.

As a practitioner you have a lot of responsibility.  Let us help you with some of those concerns and put our years of experience to work for you regarding medications and treatment protocols.