Clinical Trials

Infuserve has provided Central Pharmacy Services and Coordination for a variety of clinical trials.

Infuserve America is able to provide:

  • Medication dispensing
  • Compounding and mixing
  • Supplies
  • Infusion pumps
  • Consultation
  • Care Coordination



Collectively, our staff has hundreds of years of experience providing infusion services in the home setting. Having been involved in numerous clinical trials, we have honed our processes to be the most efficient and effective, and can customize to any of your needs. And, unlike many other pharmacies, we have a registered nurse coordinating all clinical trials, giving you the advantage of a clinical resource for procedures, supplies and troubleshooting 24/7.



  • Our new, state of the art facility boasts an industrial walk-in refrigerator, constantly monitored for temperature control, alerting staff 24/7 prior to any excursion.
  • Industry standards for air filtration in a clean room is “Class 100,” (ISO class 5) meaning 100 particles per cubic foot are allowed. Infuserve’s clean room is a positive pressure “Class 5,”room, surpassing the standard by twenty times.
  • Security is of utmost importance. Our facility is guarded by cameras throughout, with round the clock surveillance. Secure areas are accessed only by personnel via access codes.
  • Pharmacy operations occupy the second floor of our building which has a roof mounted generator. This would safeguard medications and allow operations to continue should a catastrophic flood or power outage occur.


Exceptional Service

Infuserve America takes pride in providing exceptional quality and customer service. We have the all the advantages of a large, state of the art facility while maintaining the small-town feel of a corner pharmacy. We become very familiar with our customer’s requirements and preferences and our dedicated staff will follow through to meet your needs.

No Clinical Trial is too large or too small.