About Infuserve America

The roots of Infuserve America begin with the American dream. A young man (Sarkis Kazarian) arrives in America from Armenia with very little money. He works hard, raises a family and starts his own business with the help of his brothers and sisters. Kazarian Pharmacy was born. By offering great products at reasonable prices, the pharmacy is a great success for Mr. Kazarian and also for the patients who get their prescriptions filled there. These basic but important principles are what drive Infuserve America.

My name is David Kazarian, and inspired by my father, I also became a pharmacist and took over Kazarian Pharmacy. Soon after, I became interested in infusion therapy. When I moved to Florida, Infuserve America was born.

Interfacing with various infusion companies, nursing agencies and insurance companies, I became aware of practices others were using that did not promote quality care and even took advantage of patients. I was outraged when patients that no longer had insurance coverage had to pay inflated out of pocket prices they could not afford for services that were truly needed. I vowed that Infuserve America would not be caught up in an unethical system, and we have provided high quality and affordable services since inception.

At times, we may recommend a product or method of delivery that might be a little more expensive. When we do this, we have good reason. In addition to being concerned about your pocketbook, we are also concerned about your safety. Infusion services are not without risk, and we want to take every precaution to guard against infections, and deliver medications in a way that would comply with manufacturer’s recommendations for safety.

Infuserve America’s mission is to provide high quality, cost conscious, in-home infusion medications, equipment and supplies. These services provided directly to you, the patient, are designed to meet your needs in the comfort and safety of your own home.