Activating and Using Your addEASE

  1. Check to make sure your addEASE connector is firmly attached to the vial and the IV bag and has not yet been activated. #1
  2. To activate squeeze or flex the IV bag firmly while holding with the vial down. You may see a small white plug in the vial as the liquid begins to go into the vial. This is normal. #2
  3. Continue to squeeze and release the IV bag repeatedly until the vial is about half full of liquid. Do not overfill.
  4. Gently mix, so that the powder in the vial dissolves.
  5. Once the powder has dissolved, turn the unit around
    so that the vial is above the IV bag. Squeeze or flex the IV bag so that the liquid from the vial runs into the IV bag. A few drops of medication may remain in the bottom of the vial. #3
  6. You are now ready to spike your IV bag and begin your infusion.

Important! Do not disconnect the vial from the bag after reconstitution. It can just hang there.