Infections in patients that have an IV access (PICC lines, ports or peripheral IVs) can be very serious, even life threatening. Handwashing is the one thing you can do that is most effective in preventing infections. We recommend following the following guidelines, endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Turn the faucet on and … Continue Reading →

Flushing Your IV Access

There are many different protocols for flushing your IV access and this depends on several factors. What type of line do you have (PICC line, port, peripheral line?) How are you using your line – continuously or intermittently? Is it one lumen or two? What type of catheter is it? What solutions does your doctor … Continue Reading →

Elastomeric Pumps (Eclipse or Intermate Pumps)

An Elastomeric pump is a device that controls the flow rate over a given period of time.  It’s a simple pump to use and you throw it away after the infusion is finished The eclipse or intermate pump is an elastomeric device used to deliver drugs at a constant flow rate over a certain period of time. … Continue Reading →

Cadd Prizm Pump

The Cadd Prizm pump is a multifunction pump. It can be used to deliver pain control medications, continuous for hydration and other therapies and intermittent for Antibiotics, and also for TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition. It is a versatile pump! CADD PRIZM CONTINUOUS MODE After you set the pump to continuous mode in the Options menu … Continue Reading →

Syringe Pump

A Syringe Pump is a safe economical way to infuse drugs that require infusion times up to 30 minutes (like 2gm Ceftriaxone). The pump can fit syringe sizes up to 60ml with no difficulty, programing is very simple, and they run on ‘C’ batteries—ask one of our staff today. The cost of these pumps for … Continue Reading →

Vital Mate

Using a vial mate items can be shipped un-reconstituted and you can put them together safely in your home A vial mate connects the drug to the diluent (saline or D5W) so that shelf life is extended, and the drug can be shipped without refrigeration. There are several advantages to this system but the main … Continue Reading →

Elastomeric Pumps

Also known as “homeballs,” “ball pumps,”or “grenade pumps.” An elastomeric pump is a device that infuses medication once the tubing is unclamped. Built with an elastic balloon inside a very tough outer cover, the device pushes intravenous medication through tubing and a filter that is attached to the reservoir. The pharmacy fills the devices with your … Continue Reading →

Spiking Your IV Bag

You will need to attach a tubing to your IV bag in order to infuse your solution or medication. This is called “spiking” the bag. Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions for how often you should use new tubing. In general, if you are infusing continuously, you should change your tubing every three days (except for … Continue Reading →

Activating and Using Your addEASE

Check to make sure your addEASE connector is firmly attached to the vial and the IV bag and has not yet been activated. #1 To activate squeeze or flex the IV bag firmly while holding with the vial down. You may see a small white plug in the vial as the liquid begins to go … Continue Reading →