Ampicillin-sulbactam (Unasyn)

Class of antibiotic > beta-lactam – inhibits transpeptidase which is a large part of bacterial wall synthesis.  This antibiotic contains sulbactam which is a potent inhibitor of beta-lactamase (an enzyme that can deactivate ampicillin.) This grants the antibiotic more activity versus resistant bacteria.

Dose: 1.5-3gm IV every six to eight hours.

Administration: This medication has a very short half-life once mixed, so we attach the vial of medication via a Vial mate or Add-Ease device. The Vial mate or Add-Ease System allows the Vial of medication to be connected to the bag of diluent.  Once activated the contents of the vial is reconstituted and the bag is ready to be infused via gravity drip.