Cadd Prizm Pump

The Cadd Prizm pump is a multifunction pump. It can be used to deliver pain control medications, continuous for hydration and other therapies and intermittent for Antibiotics, and also for TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition. It is a versatile pump!

After you set the pump to continuous mode in the Options menu with the special password you’re ready to program the pump. In most instances the pump will be delivered to you preprogrammed.

This procedure must have the pump in Lock Level Zero (LL0) If the pump is in Lock Level 2 or 1 you can not proceed.

1. Press Stop. (The pump display will say “Start the pump?”)

2. Press N (the Yes and No buttons are just below the Options key)

3. The pump display will read *** CON 6220C ***


4. Press Next

5. The pump display will show Reservoir Volume. You now press the up or down key to reset the reservoir volume. VERY IMPORTANT! When you’ve finished pressing the up or down key and you have the display showing the reservoir volume you must press the “Enter” key.

6. The pump will now display “Continuous Rate”. You can enter from 0.1ml to 350 ml. Press the up or down key to adjust the continuous rate then press the “Enter” key.

7. The pump will now display Milliliters given. To clear press the “Enter” key. This is what you would press to clear the ml given after you start the infusion (the following days). If you don’t do this the pump will not run!

You’re now ready to start the infusion after you’ve connected the cassette adaptor to the pump.

To connect the cassette (or cassette adaptor) use the following procedure: (Please note, the photos are for illustration only. They are placed on top of a desk, however when this procedure is done, it would be done on a clean area using aseptic technique).

First remove the protective blue cap.

Remove the blue cap by pulling up on the cap

When the blue cap is removed, the cassette will look like the picture below.

The cassette adaptor has two protrusions (or feet) at the right end of the plastic holder. They slide into holders in the pump. In the illustration the area of the pump where the plastic feet slide in is on the top of the illustration.

Now that you’ve placed the cassette in the pump, the last step is to secure cassette adaptor into place. That’s done by rotating the dial from the zero (or open position) counter clockwise to the locked position. If you don’t do that the pump will not function. Notice in the illustration below, the pump cassette is not secure because the dial points toward the open “0” illustration. To secure the cassette (or adaptor) you have to turn the dial counter clockwise.

If you need to prime the pump, you can do that by the following Procedure.


2. Press the “Options” key

3. Press “Y” to prime.

4. When you’re finished priming the pump will ask you “Continue priming ? ) press Y for “continue” press N for NO.

5. Press “Next”.

6. Now, if you’re ready to start the patient, you can press “Y” for Start the Pump.

TPN and the Cadd Prizm Pump

Please note: to see how to connect the adaptor to the pump please see the detailed instructions under the Cadd Prizm pump and continuous infusion.

1. Press the Options menu and then enter your password. Press the up (or down) key until you see TPN.

2. Press Enter. The pump will respond with some information then you will see it go through the types of things you program for TPN.

3. After the self test the pump will respond with “Reservoir Volume”. The range is from 10 ml to 9990 ml. That is the starting volume. If you had a liter of TPN you would enter 1000 by pressing the UP key (which is a triangle with a Y in the middle) until the number read 1000

4. Press “enter” The pump will respond with “Infusion Volume”. That is the amount of TPN to be infused. Assume the physician wants 40ml to be infused every hour for 24 hours. That would be a grand total of 960 ml. You would press the up key until the number reads 960.

5. Press Enter. The pump might say “infusion period is being lengthened, press next to continue. You should press next

6. Infusion Period will appear next. Press the up or down key until you reach the time period you’d like. Then press ENTER

7. Taper up and Down will appear one after another. You would set the taper up time and down time in the same way you’ve been adjusting time periods.

8. The pump will show you a plateau rate, and a KVO rate. You can’t change those, they are computed by the pump.

9. Milliters given will appear next. It will show the actual number of ml pumped. You can press enter to clear the milliters given or next to continue.

10. You’re now ready to prime the pump, or to start the TPN.


Cadd Prizm Battery Life

9 Volt Battery can be purchased anywhere, however you should use a lithium battery at minimum. We keep our batteries in the refrigerator.

The actual battery life will vary depending on the brand of battery, battery shelf life,
temperature conditions, delivery rates, and frequency of screen display, backlighting and printing.

24 hours @ 50ml/hour

12 hours @ 100 ml/hour

2.5 days at 20ml/day

The actual battery life will vary. We suggest using a new battery every day when using volumes of 50ml/hour or greater infused over more than 10 hours.