Capping Your IV Line

If you are receiving more than one infusion throughout the day, you may use the same IV tubing, with some provisions. The medication you infuse through the same line must be the same. If you are infusing different medications, then you will need to use a different tubing for each one. You may not use the same tubing longer than 24hrs. The exception to this is if you are infusing fluids continuously (without interruptions.) In this case, you may use the same tubing for 72hrs. If you are infusing TPN, the tubing is changed with every bag, typically every 24hrs.

If you are interrupting your infusions and can use the same tubing, it is very important to keep the end of the tubing sterile. The tip that plugs in to your connector must not touch anything else. To maintain the sterility of the end of the tubing, you will need to use an end cap.

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. supply-list-013Your end cap will come in sterile packaging. Peel back the paper, and leave the cap in the plastic.
  3. supply-list-014At the end of your infusion, unplug theĀ IV from your connector and place the end cap on the tip of the tubing.
  4. capping-your-line-003Leave the empty IV bag connected to your tubing. Coil the tubing so that the tip with the cap is protected and not dragging on the floor. Flush your IV as directed.
  5. When it is time for your next infusion, simply take down the used bag and spike your next bag with this tubing, following those directions.