Elastomeric Pumps

Also known as “homeballs,” “ball pumps,”or “grenade pumps.” An elastomeric pump is a device that infuses medication once the tubing is unclamped. Built with an elastic balloon inside a very tough outer cover, the device pushes intravenous medication through tubing and a filter that is attached to the reservoir. The pharmacy fills the devices with your medication in a sterile environment then ships them to you, ready to use. It infuses at a specified rate. There are several advantages to infusing your medication in this way. The storage and stability of the drug is longer since these can be refrigerated or frozen, depending on the medication. The elastomeric pump does not run by gravity as a regular IV does. It is totally portable so you are not attached to an IV pole; it can be carried in a pocket or pouch. Because the device comes with tubing, you will not need to use additional IV tubing for the infusion, decreasing your expense and manipulation of the system, which decreases chances of introducing an infection.

Directions for Use:

  1. As always before any procedures wash your hands according to the guidelines in this manual.
  2. Gather the supplies necessary. This should include medication in the pump, flushes as directed, and alcohol wipes. (If your medication has been refrigerated, allow 4-6hrs to bring to room temperature.)
  3. Check the medication label on the pump. It should have your name, the medication name, dosage, and expiration date. Please call Infuserve with any problems or discrepancies.
  4. elastromeric-pumps-001Check the integrity of the pump. It should not have any leaks, cracks or defects. Call Infuserve if you should see any of these.
  5. elastromeric-pumps-002You will need to“prime” the tubing (remove the air.) To do this, remove the cap at the end of the tubing, making sure the tip of the tubing does not touch anything else after the cap is removed. Hold the end of the tubing in your non-dominant hand while opening the clamp that is attached to the tubing, allowing the liquid to flow through until you see a few drops come out the end. Close the clamp and replace the cap on the end.
  1. elastromeric-pumps-003You are now ready to infuse your medication.Wipe the connector on the end of your IV line vigorously with an alcohol prep, or, if you are using a Swab Cap, remove the Swab Cap. Flush with saline as directed.
  2. elastromeric-pumps-004Wipe the connector again with another alcohol prep. Remove the cap from the end of the tubing on the pump and connect the line to your connector. Make sure you twist the end on snugly.
  3. elastromeric-pumps-005Open the clamp on your line and allow the fluid to run.Clamp
  4. When your infusion is complete, close the clamp on the tubing. Remove the tubing from your connector and throw away the pump and tubing.
  5. Wipe your connector with another alcohol prep and flush your IV access as directed. Cap with a Swab Cap.